4HR Roads

A important function of the 4HRPOA is to maintain the almost seventy miles of private roads on the ranch used by Four Hills Ranch members to access their property. It’s always a good idea to check the road conditions before planning a trip to the ranch.

The Four Hills Ranch roads are PRIVATE roads and only Four Hills Ranch POA members and their guests are authorized to use our roads. Hunters, land-locked property owners and other individuals that do not own property associated with the Four Hills Ranch POA are not authorized to use our roads.

Four Hills Ranch POA roads are considered primitive roads and are maintained and graded on the following schedule (more detail below) – primary roads three times annually and all secondary roads at least once every three years. We do not grade when it’s too dry or too wet and we only snow plow when deep snow makes it dangerous for members to get in and out of the ranch.. Though we try to grade primary roads each 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters,  this is not a firm schedule as many times weather or emergencies require us to delay or accelerate grading or to move the equipment without notice. If you have an emergency NON-PASSABLE situation, contact the Roads Committee immediately at roads@4hrpoa.org; every effort will be made to assist you in accessing your property as soon as physically possible.


The Four Hills Ranch Roads Mission is to keep all ranch roads passable and safe year-round for all owners and emergency vehicles. With the exception of infrequent flooding down Cataract Creek and Red Lake Wash, all roads on the ranch are passable year-round with 4WD vehicles. Ranch roads are generally passable with 2WD vehicles except when they are flooded or extremely muddy as a result of winter rain/snow melt or occasional monsoon downpours.


A key component of our Roads Plan is to recognize that roads require varying levels of maintenance based on road usage.  The more roads are used, the more maintenance that is required to achieve our Mission to keep all roads passable and safe.

  • Primary Roads – Main ranch roads all members use on at least some portion of their drive to their property (primary roads are identified in red on the 4HR map).
  • Secondary RoadsAll roads other than Primary Roads that provide access to parcels (secondary roads are identified in black on the 4HR map).

We maintain 71.4 miles of ranch roads; 26.7 miles of primary roads and 44.7 miles of secondary roads.

Roads Plan Objectives –

  1. Grade and ditch Primary Roads three times annually (1st, 2nd and 4th quarters) and add road mix/cinders as necessary.
  2. Blade and ditch Secondary Roads at least once every 3 years and add road mix/cinders as necessary; 33% of Secondary Roads will be maintained every year.*
  3. Create an annual list of Hot Spots, where vehicles could get stuck or damaged and schedule their repair as appropriate.
  4. Target spending 60% of the Association budget on grading/ditching, 30% on road mix/cinders and 10% on hot spot repair.
  5. Allocate all excess revenue over budgeted revenue to Roads maintenance.
  6. Manage the Road Plan Budget quarterly and make adjustments as necessary

* NOTE: The secondary roads have been separated into three Road Groups, each with approximately 1/3 of our secondary road mileage, to facilitate our Roads Plan objectives.


Primary Roads: Maintained 3 times every year, usually 1st, 2nd & 4th quarters
Secondary Roads: One Road Group maintained each year, usually with 1st Primary Roads maintenance pass

Note: Any road with significant damage due to weather events will be maintained as necessary; contact board@4hrpoa.org with any questions or feedback

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