Annual Dues

Dues (assessments) are important to the Four Hills Ranch POA to maintain roads, retain insurance and fire services for the association, host a website and provide other administration as necessary.  We greatly appreciate on-time dues payments!

Current annual dues are $260.00 per lot per year.

The Annual Dues invoice is mailed to lot owners in mid-February and are due by March 15th of each year. Our dues collection process outlines when and how dues are collected, and what happens when dues become delinquent.

Three ways to Pay Your Dues:

1) Mail a check:
  • Include your dues and any late/collection fees in your payment amount and mail your check to: Four Hills Ranch POA, c/o Bill Weiss CPA, 809 West Riordan Road, Suite 202, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.
  • Please enter your lot number(s) in the memo field of your check!
2) Pay with Zelle:
  • You can pay with Zelle by sending your payment to There are currently no fees sending a payment through Zelle. Include your dues and any late/collection fees in your Zelle payment amount
  • Please enter your lot number(s) in the memo field of your payment!
  • If you don’t currently use Zelle for electronic payments and would like to, you can check the bottom portion of Zelle’s “Get Started With Zelle” page to see if your bank supports Zelle.
3) Pay with PayPal:
  • You must be current on your dues to pay with PayPal as the payment is automatically set at $260 per lot; if your invoice indicates you are delinquent and have late or collection fees, you must pay by check (instructions above).
  • You must have a PayPal account; you must include your lot number(s) on the payment so we can apply the payment to your account. Enter your lot number(s) in the “Apt, Ste, Bldg” field on the payment address form. For example, insert (Lot 601) in this field. If the “Apt, Ste, Bldg” field does not appear on your payment address in PayPal, please create another address in PayPal that includes the field and then make the new address the address for the payment.
  • The PayPal transaction fee (currently 3.49% plus $0.49 per transaction) will be added to your dues payment to cover the cost of the on-line transaction.
  • If you own multiple lots, you can pay for them all in one payment to reduce your transaction fee. Select the number of lots below you want to pay in a single payment.

ONE (1) Lot: Dues=$260, PayPal Fee=$9.91

Pay current dues for one lot.


TWO (2) Lots: Dues=$520, PayPal Fee=$19.31

Pay current dues for two lots in one payment.


THREE (3) Lots: Dues=$780, PayPal Fee=$28.71

Pay current dues for two three lots in one payment.


FOUR (4) Lots: Dues=$1040, PayPal Fee=$38.12

Pay current dues for four lots in one payment.


FIVE (5) Lots: Dues=$1300, PayPal Fee=$47.52

Pay current dues for five lots in one payment.


SIX (6) Lots: Dues=$1560, PayPal Fee=$56.92

Pay current dues for six lots in one payment.


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