Annual Election

2022 Board of Directors Election

The Board of Directors has four (4) directors whose term ends this year and one (1) continuing board member. The Four Hills Ranch POA is required to have at least three (3) directors on the Board and may have up to five (5) directors.

Election Announcement and Ballot


AnnMarie Bice

I am a property owner in the 4 hills ranch.  Currently, we are about  5 month residents of 4 Hills Ranch which consists of many weekends and 3 months in the summer.  In the next year, Ken and I will be permanent residents of 4 Hills Ranch and we could not be more excited! I have served in many leadership positions throughout my career and feel that because I live and am invested in the 4 Hills Ranch community, I would be a great fit for the vision of the ranch and advocate for community advancement and future plans as the community develops.

I have graduate degrees in both chemistry and physics and have taught high school physics, chemistry and engineering for 25 years.  Currently, I am teaching chemistry and physics at the college level. In addition to my teaching assignment at the college, I am the Program Manager for the NASA High Altitude Balloon Program where I manage a substantial Federal Government grant.

With my experiences as a Federal Grant Manager, teacher, 4H leader, and Robotics Coach, I have much experience in public interaction, leadership, and organization.  This along with my love of 4 Hills Ranch,  I feel I am well suited for a 4 Hills Ranch board position and welcome the opportunity to participate and collaborate in decision making processes that supports and benefits the residents and owners within the 4 Hills Ranch.

Kim Shuey

I am a retired RN. My husband and I have lived on Four Hills Ranch full time for 8 years. I enjoy being on the Four Hills Ranch Board of Directors. I have spearheaded and continue to work on “the road sign replacement project” and the “mailbox project.” In addition, I make sure that our membership list is current and coordinate with our CPA. This makes sure that everyone’s records are up to date and accurate.

By living here, I see everyday what the needs and concerns are and I relay that information to the Board. I feel it is important for Board members to spend significant amount of time here. I am in favor of improving and guarding our chosen unique way of life.

Thad Johnson 

My wife and I live full-time in Four Hills Ranch and enjoy the changing seasons and growing off-grid community.  We love our home and basking in the splendor of Cataract Canyon.  Having lived here many years, I’ve experienced various road, rancher, hunter and other issues.  I want to use that experience to help preserve the beauty and serenity of our neighborhood and the safety of our friends and wildlife.

As a board member, I will welcome everyone’s input to ensure our association’s goals and resulting board actions are reflective of our entire membership’s requirements.  Sometimes we’ll agree and sometimes we won’t, but I’ll work diligently to represent the majority’s “point of view” and the best interests of the entire membership.  At the end of the day, we’re neighbors ALL the time.

If you want to join the Board, the qualifications for serving on the Board are:

  • Interest in serving the membership
  • Commitment to uphold the Bylaws and CC&Rs
  • Ability to listen and make informed decisions
  • Commitment of time to attend Board Meetings
  • Ability to communicate with Property Owners
  • Legal owner of record evidenced by the deed
  • Current in all Association dues and fees
  • Willing to participate in Board sponsored activities

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please submit the following information by May 1st, 2022 to have your name and biography included on the web site:

  1. Name
  2. Lot number(s)
  3. Contact information (address, phone, email) – you have the option to publish only your phone or email
  4. Short biography (2-3 paragraphs) describing “why” you want to become a board member and your qualifications/knowledge/experience you will contribute to the Association, if elected.

Email to, or fax to: (928) 222-2096

Questions? email

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